1. ISLAM and EDUCATION Educational Terminologies in the Quranic Verses: An Overview of the Very First Revelation of the Holy Quran

Dr. Makhdoom Ali Syed

SS (English) Govt. DENNYS HSS Rawalpindi, Pakistan


2. Democratic Managerial Style of the Head Teachers affects the School environment: A Survey Study

Dr. IshtiaqHussain

Email: dr.ishtiaqkust@gmail.com

Maqsood Ahmed (Ph.D Scholar)

Email: maqsood517@yahoo.com

Sarfraz Ahmad (Ph.D Scholar) 

Email: sarfraz@kust.edu.pk

Zahid Mehmood (M. Phil Scholar)

Email: sandhu4890@yahoo.com

3. English Language Teachers and Trained Teachers in Pakistan: Ground Realities, Discernments and Practices  

 Mehvish Noor

Department of English,

University of Gujrat, Pakistan

 Muhammad Shahbaz

Department of English, College of Education,

Majmaah University, Zulfi Campus,

Saudi Arabia

4. Teaching of Shakespearean Sonnets: The Linguistic Viewpoint

Dr. Intakhab Alam Khan

King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah-KSA